Competition Rules

    The program of the categories can be chosen freely. The program can play with or without piano accompaniment. 

In category Tenor Trombone Student Section C-D, Bass Trombone Student Section A-B, Tenor Trombone Solo and Bass trombone Solo should play at least 2 pieces in different style.
The competitors have to send a copies of their played pieces to:
We ask every participant to do not overrun the accepted time limit.
The competition is opened, can be watched "live"online on 6-7 June 2020 10:00AM CET on our youtube channel. We will send you a link later by email.
We will create an order of the competitors name's ABC order.
We will announce the result on 7 June 2020 20:00PM CET
The decisions of the jury are definitives and there is no place for complaining.
The jury can decide whether they do not give a price in a category if the competitors performe in a low level.
The organizers hold the right for themselves to change the rules if it will be necessary.
These rules are obligatory without any condition.
Every given datas will be handled privately, according to the updated laws

We will stream the competition in the following order

6 June 2020 10:00AM CET

1. Tenor trombone student from A to D category

2. Bass trombone student from A to D category

3. Tenor trombone soloist

7 June 2020 10:00AM CET

1. Bass trombone soloist

2. Senior (Trombone/Bass trombone mixed group)

3. Amateour (Trombone/Bass trombone mixed group)

A minimum of 5 entries are required to hold the seniour or amateur category.

If there are fewer entries, we will delete this competition category and refund the entry fee.