Online Trombone Competition

Application deadline 1st June 2020

The result of the Online Trombone Competition

Hungarian Trombone Camp "Light" 27-30 August 2020

The Hungarian Trombone Camp festival comprised of masterclasses, live performances, chamber music and private lessons.

This event has quickly became one of the top annual trombone festivals in Europe, featuring world class faculty members! 
In the 2020 light edition it will be Zoltan Kiss and Matyas Veer.

The masterclasses are open to all ages and levels.
(professionals, students, and amateur/intermediate players).

This year there are only limited 16 places for active participants so we are recommending an early registration to secure your spot. The active participants will receive 4x30 minutes private lessons with the faculty members. All participants will have the opportunity to attend masterclasses, live performances and join chamber music ensembles.

The Online Trombone Competition 2020

   In cooperation with the Hungarian Trombone Camp, we are pleased to announce the very first stay-at-home International Online Trombone Competition! To enter, all you need to do is record one or two videos and submit it to be adjudicated by our panel of internationally renowned trombone players. It's your chance to be featured on our YouTube channel and win from a pool of prizes worth over 14000 euros!

The Jury

Tenor trombone:

Joseph Alessi
Christopher Bill
Vanessa Fralick
Jay Friedman
Carol Jarvis
Zoltan Kiss
Vincent Lepape
Christian Lindberg
Jörgen van Rijen
Peter Steiner
Zsolt Szabo
Enzo Turrizziani

Bass Trombone:

Brandt Attema
Domenico Catalano
George Curran
Ben Van Dijk
Denson Paul Pollard
Martin Schippers
Matyas Veer
Charlie Vernon
Csaba Wagner

Jazz Trombone:

Marshall Gilkes
Wycliffe Gordon
Conrad Herwig
Nils Landgren