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Application deadline 30th of June 2024!

Dear Applicants!

You can apply by filling out the following Application Form.
Please indicate your invoice request on the form.
The application will be finalized with the payment of the application fee.
For non-Hungarian citizens, the application fee is 350EUR.
Please transfer the application fee to the following bank account and attach the payment confirmation to the application form:

Beneficiary's name: Mátyás István Veér
IBAN: HU57 10300002 10364182 49010014
Bank name: MBH bank

Please include the applicant's name in the notes section.

House Rules

Compliance with the House Rules is mandatory for all Campers, helping to ensure that we can spend the camp days together safely and in good spirits.

Campers are prohibited from:

• Bringing dangerous objects or substances that could threaten life, health, and physical integrity to the camp and its entire area, including devices suitable for starting a fire.

• Consuming alcohol throughout the camp area and bringing, keeping, or using any tools or substances prohibited for minors or everyone. If a prohibited object or substance is found, it will be taken from the Camper and – if the law allows – returned to the legal representatives upon request.

• Smoking is prohibited throughout the camp area.

• A designated smoking area is at least 5 meters away from the entrance of the Music School, in accordance with legal regulations.

• Keeping any medication in the camp without prior notification of the parents – at the latest upon arrival at the camp – to the Camp Leaders.

• Sharing any permitted medication with another camper.

• Leaving the camp area without the approval of the Camp Leader.

• Leaving their group during activities without the Teacher's permission.

• Intentionally disobeying the Teachers' instructions.

• Endangering the physical integrity of other Campers or Teachers. Fighting, violating another person's human dignity or physical integrity, is considered a serious offense and results in accountability. It is forbidden to intentionally hinder other Campers in the pleasant spending of the turnus or in learning.

• We always move together to external venues; it is forbidden to separate from the group without permission.

Campers are obliged to:

• Have a parental declaration that they are healthy (not suffering from an infectious disease) and can participate in the camp. We provide a pre-prepared form for this, which the Parent must sign for the child to participate in the camp.

• Declare on the application form any chronic or ongoing illnesses, food or drug sensitivities, or allergies.

• Immediately report any endangered condition, accident, or fire to the nearest Teacher or adult.

• Participate in the activities and promote the success of the education with disciplined behavior.

• Preserve and manage the camp's facilities, equipment, and tools used during education, as well as their own values brought to the camp, according to the regulations. The Camper is responsible for the entrusted and borrowed items; their damage or unauthorized removal entails liability for damages.

• Maintain the cleanliness of the camp area (corridors, common areas, courtyard).

• Be considerate of the audience at external concert venues and represent the camp's good reputation together.

• Participate in the classes according to the pre-prepared schedule, both individually and in chamber sessions.

• There is also the possibility to visit other teachers' classes, according to prior agreement.

• Practice with consideration for each other during the given practice time, without disturbing our peers' similar activities.

Supervision of Values:

• Bringing high-value items, equipment (e.g., laptop, phone, technical devices), or cash to the camp is not recommended but allowed; however, the Camp Organizers do not take responsibility for these items.

• Pay special attention to the integrity of our own and our peers' instruments, as well as the instruments provided by Buffet Crampon.


• The camp provides five meals a day, so please do not send any perishable food with the Camper!

• We always move together to the dining area and wait for each other.

• In case of bad weather, sports activities are not held; during this time, we provide other indoor activities for the Campers.

Violation of the House Rules:

• The organizers reserve the right to temporarily prohibit a camper from participating in a given activity or program if they violate the House Rules, behave in a way that harms others or poses a danger to themselves or others, or if they deem it necessary for disciplinary purposes.

• In the case of regular or even a single serious violation of the House Rules, the camp organizers may exclude the camper from the camp and send them home. In this case, the parents must take care of the camper's return journey, and the turnus fee is not partially refunded.

Parents have the opportunity to:

• Visit the Camper in the camp at a pre-arranged time.

• Turn to the Camp Leader with their questions, observations, and complaints.

• Provisions of the current Civil Code apply to all questions not regulated in the House Rules.

The personal data provided at the time of application is confidentially handled by the camp, stored in accordance with the provisions, and never disclosed to third parties.

The campers and their parents acknowledge that they have read, understood, and consider the camp's House Rules to be binding on them.