Online Trombone Competition 


In cooperation with the Hungarian Trombone Camp, we are pleased to announce the very first stay-at-home International Online Trombone Competition! These unprecedented times we are living in are unusual for musicians to say the least. We're confined in self-isolation without being able to perform, as well as keeping our distance from others whenever venturing outside our homes. Thankfully most of us are connected via the internet, which enables us to more easily survive these difficult times with fun personal challenges. The International Online Trombone Competition is an opportunity to participate in one of those enjoyable challenges! To enter, all you need to do is record one or two videos of your at-home performance and send it through for us to listen to with an extensive panel of professional trombone players from all over the world! It's your chance to be featured on our YouTube channel and win some fantastic prizes! 

Application deadline is 1st June 2020.