Bass Trombone Category A

Total playing time under 15 minutes!
Application fee: €30
Minimum two chosen pieces required!
Application deadline: 1st June 2020
Born after 01.01.2002

We accept all types of recordings. There are just a few important guidelines:

1. The video should be recorded in landscape/16:9 format.
2. Absolutely no editing of any kind is permitted within a solo piece (It is permitted to trim the beginning or end of each video file).
3. The repertoire can be submitted on two separate videos and recorded from a single, uninterrupted camera angle.
4. The performer should be clearly visible in the video throughout the performance.
5. The recording quality should be at least in HD quality 720x1280
6. The video file should be named 'your name + birthdate + your category', for example: 'John Smith 01.05.2009 Trombone category A.'
7. Please send your video file to our email address ( via wetransfer, dropbox, google drive, or mailbigfile.
8.Accepted file formats include: MP4, MPEG, MPG, MOV, AVI, WMV. We welcome recordings made by mobile phone.
9. We will accept your application upon receiving your video file and payment.

Before you send your application please read carefully the Recording Guidelines & Rules.

30.00 €
Please select variants first